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How Fiber Optic Splitter Work


The working principle of the Fiber Optic Splitter is that when a single-mode fiber transmits an optical signal, the energy of the light is not fully concentrated in the fiber core. A small amount propagates through the cladding close to the core, ie between the two fibers. If the cores are close enough, the mode field of light propagating in one fiber can enter the other. The fiber optic signal is redistributed among the two fibers.

Production requirements:

Optical splitter products are like Fiber Optic Splitter, which have high environmental requirements and are required to be produced in a dust-free, constant temperature, and constant humidity environment.
All products are subject to 48-hour high and low temperature (-40~+85℃) cyclic aging to ensure the stability of products in harsh natural environments.

Fiber Optic Splitter