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What is a fiber optic splitter?


Optical fiber splitter is a device used to realize the splitting and combining of light wave energy. It distributes the light energy transmitted in one optical fiber to two or more optical fibers according to a predetermined ratio, or combines the optical energy transmitted in multiple optical fibers into one optical fiber. Optical fiber splitters are widely used in optical fiber communication systems, radio and television networks and other fields. Optical splitter products have relatively high requirements on the environment, and are required to be produced in a dust-free, constant temperature, and constant humidity environment. All products need to undergo 48 hours of high and low temperature (-40~+85℃) cyclic aging to ensure the stability of products in harsh natural environment. According to the principle, optical splitters can be divided into two types: fused taper type and planar waveguide type. The fused taper type product is formed by splicing two or more optical fibers on the side; the planar waveguide type is a micro-optical component type product. Photolithography technology forms optical waveguides on dielectric or semiconductor substrates to achieve branch distribution functions. The two types of optical splitting principles are similar. They can achieve different sizes of branches by changing the evanescent field coupling between fibers (coupling degree, coupling length) and changing the fiber radius. 

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