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Introduction of Fiber Optic Adaptor


Fiber optic adapters, also known as flanges, are components that connect optical fibers to optical fibers or optical fibers to devices. Fiber optic adapter is widely used to connect fiber optic links in telecommunication networks, catV networks, user loop systems and area networks. There are many types of fiber optic adapters. According to the connector type, it can be divided into LC fiber adapter, FC fiber adapter, SC fiber adapter, etc. According to the use mode can be divided into simplex optical fiber adapter and duplex optical fiber adapter. According to the different manufacturing materials can be divided into bronze optical fiber connector and ceramic optical fiber connector.
Alignment bushing is the most important part of fiber optic adapter. The optical fiber adapter made of ceramic alignment bushing is far better than that made of metal alignment bushing. That's because ceramic structures are very hard and don't deform over time like metal. Therefore, it can achieve fast alignment and high precision fiber end link.

Fiber Optic Adaptor